Regular Minutes of 9-20-17

Meeting called to order by Pres. Drummond

Guests: PDG Dave Eberlein, Karen Green and Snowball of the Club and Chris Derra of Lion Morrow.

Minutes of: 9-13-17 were read and approved.

President’s Report  - None

Liion Koltz thanked the Greens for all the hostas planted out front.

B&G Lion McGuire shared his expereince in presenting a check to Kids in Distress.  Lion Gordon shared another victory by the Algonac Football Team.  He also  has tickets for the Marine City Football team gun raffle.

Convention Lion Jerry has a few tickets left for the 3-digit raffle.

PT Lion Gratopp announced a meeting tonight of the PT committee and T.J. Schmidt.  All are welome to attend.  Lion Koltz shared that we did well at the Metro Boat Show.


PDG Eberleiin inducted new member Chris Derra, sponsored by Lion Morrow.  He was greeted by all his new fellow Lions.

PDG Dave then addressed the club regarding membership as well as the possibility of resurecting the Algonac Lioness Lions Club.  Motion by Hall/McGuire to support no expansion of Lions in this area.  PASSED  PDG will share our thoughts with DG Sullivan.
Meeting adjourned at:8:05PM

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Gratopp
Algonac Lions Club
September 2017
         Algonac Lions Newsletter
Vol. 17 - Issue 31
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