Regular Minutes of 7-12-17

Meeting called to order by Pres. Koltz

Minutes of: 6-21-17 were read and approved.

  Lion Bembas thanked all who helped make the 79th PT a huge success.  Lion Gratopp gave a report on Ticket Sales, Rides and Carnival money.  Lion Rob has PPP shirts for sale.  Lion Sam is looking for the extra tiera and thanked all who helped redo the HQ trailer.  Lion Brett is looking for a banner left at HQ.  Lion Humes thanked those who helped with the parade.  Lion Watkins has placed most of his pics on Facebook. Looks like the placemats and programs brought in a nic e profit.

B&G  Motion by Gordon/Mangas to donate to Life Skill Center in MC.  PASSED

River Queen
  Lion Bob will be off to Yale and several other parades as soon as he get the idler arm and brake line fixed.

Lion Morrow offers $ to the convention fund.  Lion Genaw was the big winnner with $345 for the fish poundage.

Lion Hall addrressed the reality of slushy at the PT beer tent.  Much discussion followed.  It will be handles by the PT and the beer tent committee.  A report on what we have in it and what it makes will be forthcoming.

Lion Gratopp installed Art Kennedy, sponsored by Lion Mitch.
Lion Jerry Doan reported that he delivered a shirt to John Streit and he is doing better. He is accepting calls and guests.

Steak Dinner  Lion McQuade has tickets and flyers for the Aug 23 event.

Motion by Zrepskey/Humes to order a brink from LD for Gordy.  PASSED

Pres. Bill opened the floor for PT discussion.  Lots said and more to come from the PT and the PT committee.

PP Humes took a count and advised members that the dinner next week will start at 5:00 for cocktails with dinner at 6:30.  Lions is the usual $10 with wives and guests at $20.00.

Tail Twister $22 to Lion Hoerauf and dozens of golf balls to many Lions.

Meeting adjourned at: 8:35PM

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Gratopp
Algonac Lions Club
   July 2017
         Algonac Lions Newsletter
Vol. 17 - Issue 24
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